Privacy Policy

LetsTalkCOVIDVaccines begins with a brief survey then transitions to videos with information about COVID and COVID vaccines. Your survey responses are used to tailor the videos you receive so the information you get is as relevant and helpful to you as possible. After the videos, a second brief survey assesses your experience with LetsTalkCOVIDVaccines. Your responses to the questions in this post-video survey will be used to inform our attempts to improve the user experience of LetsTalkCOVIDVaccines in future updates. Other data collected by LetsTalkCOVIDVaccines may include: the date and time of use of LetsTalkCOVIDVaccines, the IP address from which users access the Internet, the URL of the website from which users linked directly to LetsTalkCOVIDVaccines, and/or the browser used to access LetsTalkCOVIDVaccines. Such data could be used to further improve the user experience and dissemination of our site. At no point will you be asked to provide, nor will we collect, any personally identifying information. All data collected by LetsTalkCOVIDVaccines remains completely anonymous.

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